I have been on a search for over 2 years to find a great natural or organic makeup line. Well it hasn’t been easy to say the least. I used http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ as a reference guide but I will say that a lot of the products haven’t been updated on there and they show formulations on some from almost 10 years ago.

So far I have tried Tarte, Lavera, Maia’s Mineral Galaxy, and Jane Iredale. My biggest problem so far has been finding a good foundation. I am in my mid 30’s with a little bit of wrinkles and slightly larger pores, mostly from years of tanning beds in my 20’s. Lets just say I no longer tan outdoors or outdoors. It seems most of the natural foundations I try are either not enough coverage or extremely drying causing the makeup to sink straight into my pores.

The fist line I decided to try was Tarte. They are not completely natural but I do like that they avoid the ingredients that you need to watch out for most like parabens and phthalates. I tried their Amazonian Clay Foundation, Cheek Stain, Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, and Clean Slate Poreless Primer.


Amazonian Clay Foundation: This foundation was definitely not right for me, it sank quickly into more pores and lines, accentuating them, and make my skin very dry. I tried it with and without the primer and saw no noticeable difference.

Poreless Primer: this product went on good, but like I said with the foundation I really didn’t notice any difference in covering my pores.

Cheek Stain: I LOVE this product! The color looks great on me and blends very nicely. I wish it lasted a bit longer, but like most cream or liquid blushes they tend to fade quickly.

Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara: I can’t say for sure on this one because the one I bought seemed to be very dried out so it was a bit clumpy.

Overall I think their products are not really for me but I will continue to use the cheek stain.

Lavera was the second line I tried. I liked the idea that a lot of their ingredients are organic but once again they came up not completely natural on the cosmetics database. I tried the 2 in one Compact Foundation and the Volume Mascara.


2 in one Compact Foundation was just ok, it didn’t offer much coverage at all and it didn’t stay on very long. It was more of a light powder looking foundation.

Volume Mascara…I LOVE IT. It makes my lashes look long and makes it easy to shape them when applying.

Thirdly I tried Maia’s Mineral Galaxy. I was really looking forward to trying their products as they are in the top 8 of safe cosmetics. I tried their primer and creme foundation.

Maia’s Mineral Galaxy

Primer – I so wanted to love this product but the primer made my face too slippery for any foundation to even stick.

Creme Foundation – I was so disappointed when I put this on. It didn’t cover at all. The foundation was more along the lines of just a moisturizer. My face looked extremely oily with no coverage.

Lastly I tried Jane Iredale. I only have tried the eyeliner so far but will try the other products soon.

Jane Iredale

Eye Pencil – I liked this pencil as it glided on very easily. The only downfall I have is that it smudges very easily so I try not to use under my eyes to avoid looking like a racoon.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please leave me comments if their is some natural or organic products you recommend.